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Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak’s weekend markets are legendary! Whether you love food or love hunting for bargains, Chatuchak’s sprawling outdoor and indoor bazaar has something for everyone. The market is broken down into sections and soi’s. Antiques & Collectibles, Clothing (by far the most prolific), Eating & Drinking, Decor & Housewares, Plants & Gardening, there is even a section for Pets & Animals. To get to Chatuchak, take the BTS to Mo Chit (final stop) or take the MRT to Chatuchak and take the Market exit.We recommend getting their early as it can get VERY hot after midday!

MBK Shopping Centre

If can’t find what you want at Chatuckhak, you will surely find it at MBK! Whether you’re looking for cellphones, IT , clothes, bags, computers, jewellery, food, MBK has everything. Do be careful about buying genuine items, but if a brand label isn’t important to you, then MBK is your paradise. You can also catch live Muay Thai fights outside the National Stadium.

It is very easy to get to MBK, it even has a BTS exit leading directly into the 2nd floor. Hop on the BTS until you reach National Stadium station (final stop).

Grand Palace

One place you MUST visit when you are in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. The beauty of the architecture and incredible design and decoration will amaze you. The residence of every King of Thailand since King Rama I founded the Chakri dynasty, and home to the Emerald Buddha, this is truly one of the jewels of Bangkok.

There is a riverboat service you can take that drops you at the pier of Tha Chang, or alternatively, jump in a taxi anywhere in the city, EVERY taxi driver knows the Grand Palace…


Bangkok never sleeps! Nightlife in Bangkok deserves a blog all of its own, of which there are many already. Nightclubs, Live Music, Muay Thai events, street bars…there is something for everyone. Like live music? The Australian bar in Nana Soi 11 is a good choice. Like the lights low and the volume up?.. try Sugar Club or Insanity. If you prefer to chill out with a cocktail whilst enjoying the stunning Bangkok skyline, check out Skybar, Banyan Tree or Moon Bar.

There is SO much to do, its impossible to cover it all. Check out TripAdvisor and some of the Top Ten blogs, we can guarantee there will be a blog or list dedicated to your passion…

Street Food

Thailand is often called as kitchen of world, and the breadbasket of Asia. The food of Thailand bursts with flavour, and very little is served without lashings of chilli, garlic, lemongrass and spices.
Street food in Thailand is legendary. Travel down almost ANY soi, and you will find a variety of stalls offering mouthwatering dishes at incredible prices. Tasty food is everywhere! Grilled pork, fish, chicken, beef, noodles, spicy papaya salad, BBQ, you name it, a street stall will have it.


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