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5 places you must visit in Thailand

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1. Buddha Images engrave in sandstone cliff, Nakhon Ratchasima

If you think of a province in the northeastern part of Thailand which is the closest to Bangkok, of course, you think of Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat. But not many people will know that in Nonsomboon sub-district, Serngsang District there are Buddha images engraved in the sandstone cliff. One is meditation posture and another is sleeping posture. Those are Bas Relief carved on the cliff of Subpongpot Mountain. Moreover, there is a stunning rain forest surrounding the area for those who enjoy walking or relaxing with an increedible view. Nearby, there is view point on the top of Padaeng Mountain where you can see a panorama scene of Serngsang District.

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2. Pupaman National Park, Khon Kaen

When talking about Khonkaen,there are many famous tourist attractions. Not only a historical place of Jurassic era but also Pupaman National Park that covers some parts of Khonkaen and Loei. The forest state in the national park is plentiful, but there are also many adventure activities to enjoy. There are also numerous Bat caves to be found, housing millions of small bats. If you’re around at six o’clock when the sun goes down you will be amazed at the incredible sight as the bats wake up and head off into the night in search of food. There is beautiful waterfall named Tadfa located between boundary of Pupama sub-district and Namnao sub-district. It has 5 levels, the highest level is 80 meters, which swells during rainy season and is certainly the most beautiful time to see it. Next to the waterfall, you will find the great Naga cave, inside the cave there are stalagmites and stalactites embedded with shining minerals and ore, this cave is serpentine like the great Naga and is approximately 1 kilometer long.

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3. Kampaengpet National Museum

If you want to travel to the northern most parts of Thailand, you will surely drive through Kampaengpet province, the well-known province of the famous Thai dessert called Kra-ya-sart. But there are also many tourist attractions to see. The National Museum of Kampaengpet holds and exhibits antiques and object d’Art in different periods such as Dhavaravati, Lopburi and Rattanakosin. Most of antiques are stucco, pottery, head sculptures of Buddha imagse, molded lime of Giants and men in literature decorated in the foundation of pagoda or temple. Moreover, there is bronzed statue of God Shiva which has been badly damaged over the centuries but has recently undergone reparation.

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4. Kampaengpet National Park

If you check out Kampaengpet Museum, you should definitely explore Kampaengpet further. Not only is it the ancient capital as Sukhothai, but the walls of Kampaengpet are famous for being the first line of defence of Thailand against her enemies. Whenever enemy troops came to the city, brave warriors and villagers would fight to death to protect their homes and city. The historical park of Kampaengpet has been announced officially by (UNESCO) and holds world’s heritage status since December 12th, 1991.

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5. The 6th developed station of mangrove forests.

If you travel to the west side of Thailand, you will travel through Pethcaburi province, home to the 6th Developed station of mangrove forest in Thailand. Within the Bangkhunsai district, there is a wonderful community of ecotourism and eco-study where people study the thriving mangrove forests. Within the stattion there are huge varieties of woods, types of birds, fish and other wildlife. You can also learn more about the way of life of fishermen in the area. Moreover, this place is also known as the biggest natural area for cockle in Thailand. Tourists can see and learn how to collect cockles by using methods and wisdom of the local people passed down through generations.

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