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Need to convert your dollars or dirham to baht? Have an emergency? Or would you like to open a Thai bank account and start creating a life here in Thailand. The links below will get you started…

Currency Converter
Western Union
Siam Commercial Bank
Krungthai Bank
Kasikorn Bank
Bangkok Bank


The hospitals and medical facilities in Bangkok are among the finest in the world. If you need a specialist, want to find your nearest clinic or just want a little more information, these links will point you in the right direction.

Clinics in Bangkok
Find a Doctor
List of Dentists
Sexual Health Centre


Bangkok has some of the best nightlife in the world. Whether you want live music and good food or Drum & Bass at 2am..below you’ll find some excellent recommendations and links to get you going…

Bangkok Nightlife
Top 10 Nightlubs
Live Music


Bangkok’s skyline is awash with spectacular condo’s and apartments, but there are even more wonderful rooms for rent throughout the sprawling soi’s of the city. If you want the former, check out the links below, if you want the latter, just walk around Bangkok and the “Soi lek’s” and make inquiries…

DD Property
Bangkok Condo Finder

Learning Thai

Language unlocks the world. If you want to advance beyond “Sa Wat Dee” and pointing for things you want, some of these links will set you on the right path. Don’t be daunted by Thai languages’ 5 tones, 15 vowels or the 44 will pick it up easier than you think…

Learn Thai Online
Language Express School
Top 10 Thai Language Books
Thai 2 English Translate


Bangkok is a vast bustling city, and at peak times the roads can become gridlock. Most people use the inexpensive BTS (Skytrain) or the MRT (Underground), but if you need to get somewhere fast, there are always the Motorbike taxi crews in orange jackets on every street corner…

BTS Route & Timetable
MRT Route & Timetable
Grab Taxi

Webster Worldwide

With campuses on four continents, Webster is more than just a University, its a gateway to the world. With over a hundred years of history, it now serves students from over 140 different countries from around the world. If you want to know more about studying abroad with Webster, choose by country below…

Webster Geneva, Switzerland
Webster Leiden, Netherlands
Webster Vienna, Austria
Webster Accra, Ghana
Webster Worldwide
Webster Shanghai, China
Webster Oviedo/Asturias Spain
Webster Guadalajara, Mexico
Webster Tokyo/Osaka, Japan
Webster Florence, Italy
Webster Athens, Greece

Webster Thailand

Webster boasts two campuses in Thailand. One in the heart of Bangkok at the Academic Center in Sathorn, and another in Cha-am, Hua Hin down on the coast of Thailand. If you need course information, financial aid, or just want to check out the latest news, here is your One-stop shop for everything Webster Thailand

Webster Bangkok, Thailand
Webster Cha-Am/Hua-Hin, Thailand
Thailand News
Transfer Students
Financial Aid
Course Fees
Student Affairs


After you’ve finished your studies, you may find yourself not wanting to leave. (This happens alot!) Thailand offers incredible opportunities for graduates seeking employment so we’ve found some sites that will help you on your journey. If you do your research and have all documents in order, there won’t be a problem.

JobsDB Thailand
Craigslist Bangkok
Recruitment Agency Thailand
Royal Thai Immigration
Thai Visa