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BA Management

No matter what job you’re applying for, more and more employers are looking for well-rounded candidates. An applicant’s education, communication skills, ability to negotiate and strategic thinking are all important traits for potential employers to consider. Taking this into account, Webster’s BA Management is designed to provide students with the tools and knowledge to achieve precisely that.

Offered through the Walker School of Business & Technology, the BA Management covers a range of topics to help students build their knowledge of business practices and leadership. Topics covered over the course of the degree program include accounting, law, marketing and human resource management. There is also a strong focus on management theory and how to use these theories to address complex management problems.

Whether you are a fresh high-school graduate or have several years of work experience under your belt, a BA Management is sure to increase your future employment prospects. All graduates will also leave with an in-depth understanding of the relevant terminology, facts and techniques used by managers worldwide. Graduates from this degree will be equipped to pursue a diverse range of career options across any number of industries. Previous graduates work in fields such as accounting, insurance, business analysis and sales. Many also work in the not-for-profit and public sectors.

This course is offered at the Cha-Am/Hua Hin Campus. For more information on this course, go to the official Webster University Thailand course page here


BA Management with International Business

Ever wanted to work in a professional business role in some of the world’s most exotic and far-flung locations? If so, then Webster Thailand’s BA Management with an emphasis in International Business is the first step to making this a reality. With a focus on management theory, management principles and communication techniques, you’ll soon have the knowledge to work across any number of different industries.

Delivered by the Management Department at the Walker School of Business and Technology, this degree will equip you with both the practical business skills and ‘soft’ communication techniques required to successfully navigate the modern business world. Across many sectors, employers are increasingly looking for individuals with both the specific knowledge and personal attributes that will guarantee their success and integration into their company. This key element of Webster’s program will set you apart from other candidates applying for the same position.

With a specific focus on international business, the majority of subjects offered through this program are tailored to build knowledge and understanding of global systems and processes. Examples of subjects covered are International Trade and Finance, International Business Law, Marketing, and International Management. In addition, all students are required to learn a foreign language to successfully complete this degree program. No matter field you choose to enter when you finish your degree, the knowledge and skills learnt will be sure to set your career off to a flying start.

This course is offered at the Bangkok Campus. For more information on this course, go to the official Webster University Thailand course page here


BA Management with emphasis on Marketing

In almost every business around the world, marketing professionals are employed to conduct the organization’s marketing strategy, customer engagements and communication campaigns. They are also there to better understand their customers and their spending habits and see how this can translate to increased company growth. Webster’s BA Management with an Emphasis in Marketing will provide students with the knowledge needed to not only succeed, but also excel in such a role.

A degree in management from Webster University Thailand will also give students in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of business including; economic activity and growth, determination of income, output, inflation and aggregate demand and supply. Other topics covered include contracts, warranties and consumer protection.

During the course of their BA Management degree, students will also develop a range of ‘soft’ skills that will help them succeed in the business world. This includes such things as strategic thinking, improved verbal communication, research, and presentation skills.

It is expected that at the end of their degree students will be able to identify, analyze and address complex management problems. With these skills, graduates can find employment across a wide range of fields including brand management, marketing, fashion, financial services and tourism. Many also opt to work for large marketing agencies to expedite their experience and potential career progression.

This course is offered at the Cha-Am/Hua Hin Campus. For more information on this course, go to the official Webster University Thailand course page here


BA Management with emphasis on Human Resource Management

Across every profession, Human Resource Managers are the ‘backbone’ of the organization. Not only do they have to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but they are also the conduit between the general staff and management. The ability to be an effective Human Resource Manager not only requires an understanding and grounding in management theory, but also a number of other personal attributes.

The ‘soft skills’ of a Human Resource Manager are diverse and cover almost everything you could possibly think of. Most notably however, they can be said to be; decision-making, interpersonal ability, leadership qualities, ability to be organized and communication. Throughout the duration of their degree, students will have the chance to develop and continually improve upon these skills to ensure they are ready for employment immediately after graduation.

Offered by the Walker School of Business & Technology, students will take a combination of management and human resource specific subjects throughout their degree. Some examples of classes include financial accounting, labor-management relations, organizational behavior and compensation management. Other focuses include conflict resolution, labor laws and training and development.

The opportunities for students following graduation are quite varied and include professions such as labor relations managers, payroll managers and staff managers. Opportunities exist in across the private, manufacturing, government, tourism and healthcare sectors amongst many others.

This course is offered at the Cha-Am/Hua Hin Campus. For more information on this course, go to the official Webster University Thailand course page here


BS Business Administration

In an increasingly competitive global business and job market, a degree in Business Administration will give you the skills and knowledge to get that ‘edge’ over your competitors. With small classes, a personalized learning environment and experienced faculty members from across the globe, Webster’s BS Business Administration will put you on the path to business success.

This degree is specifically designed for students who wish to concentrate their studies on finance, global trade and economic growth. With small and dedicated classes, our qualified faculty staff from Thailand and abroad is there to support new students and mid-career professionals alike.

Covering a wide range of subjects including accounting, economics, finance and management, the BS Business Administration is designed to give students a broad knowledge base across a range of disciplines. Other courses include banking, business policy, business law, advanced managerial skills and cost accounting. There will also be a strong focus upon communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making to ensure well rounded and employment ready graduates.

Previous Webster BS Business Administration graduates have gone on to pursue a wide range of business careers including in banking, finance, human resources and supply chain management. For those alumni that were already employed, many went on to pursue positions of management and greater responsibility within their own organizations.

This course is offered at the Cha-Am/Hua Hin Campus. For more information on this course, go to the official Webster University Thailand course page here

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