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Webster Thailand - BA Psychology

BA Psychology

Webster University Thailand’s BA in Psychology is specifically designed to provide interested students with the core knowledge and understanding of psychology. This will help them to better understand the frameworks and concepts that explain why humans act the way that they do.

With a combination of academic and practical approaches, this course prepares graduates for careers in psychology, counseling, and other related fields. Over the course of the degree students will cover a range of topics including Measurement and Statistics, Research Methods and History, Philosophy, and Systems of Psychology. Other optional courses include Clinical and Counseling Perspectives, Lifespan Development, and Social and Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

Webster’s small class sizes comprise students from Thailand and across the world. Not only does this provide for a vibrant classroom environment, but it also acts as a perfect setting to analyze human interactions. Students will also have ample opportunity to share knowledge and theories during these personalized classes.

In addition to those wishing to become qualified psychologists, it is expected that many graduates will go on to work in a variety of related fields including as caseworkers, careers advisors, counselors, nurses and market researchers. Other mid-career professionals, that not looking to shift careers, will often use the degree to expand their general knowledge and acquire a better understanding of human interactions.

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